Sunday, April 5, 2009

East sider!

Erik and I are out of our current lease in less than a month which is both exciting and unexciting. Exciting because we aren't hot on the place and unexciting because we aren't keen on the whole moving process.

But we lucked out and found the perfect place in a quick search a couple weeks ago. As soon as we saw it and learned that we could do anything to it that we wanted to do, we were sold on the place. We're really excited to be moving closer to where Erik works, too, as his commute now is long by our standards. Maybe the most exciting is the fact we're only 1/2 a block away from the cafe that does $2 Shiner Tuesdays. But I digress.

We had the chance to go do a walk through today and Erik and I began patching together plans for how we want to jazz this place up. We've got some awesome bones to work from, and we've got an incredible yard just ripe for composting, gardening, and flowers. 

It's got the feel and size of a first small house, and since it's not part of a sprawling complex like the place we're in now is, it's even more home-y. It's quite an inspiring space, with endless possibilities. I'm very excited to get dirty and sweaty making it something spectacular and knowing when we leave, we've added some value to the place. We think we're getting it for a steal, considering how much flexibility we have in our lease terms, as well as our decoration abilities.

Although I'm ready to get out of Texas, I'm also excited to find a way to invest time and energy into something creative. My writing's been on a two year hiatus, and perhaps through the ability to put that creative energy into something physical, it'll reemerge mentally. 

It's a constant struggle, the creative spirit. But perhaps this is where it'll spark again, both for myself and for Erik. I think part of feeling unaccomplished and unsatisfied lately is the inability to get our creativity and spirits in a state of flow. While blogging helps get writing going, it's not quite what I'm needing. I really think it's the physical expression now -- I'm drawn to the painting, the crafting, the design -- and perhaps through that, I'll tap the book/poetry/story writing spirit again. 

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