Monday, April 13, 2009

Random things about me

I thought that today would be as good a day as any to tell you some of the most random bits of personal information. I expect my loyal readers to do the same (I think I have 2 readers, so I can officially say "readerS").

1. I don't eat red meat. In my house, we only ate white meat, and we never had real bacon. When I went to my dad's house and my step mom made it one night when I was 9, I asked her what it was. We had only ever had turkey bacon. Much as I like bacon now, I still prefer turkey bacon.

2. I'm missing a front tooth. This has been the source of many fun stories in my life. I took Spanish in high school, and for two years, I had the same professor because I really, really liked her (and switched to her course the second year). She overheard me talking about this once, and I had to go up to her, open my mouth, and count my teeth for her. Then she believed it. My front bottom tooth just never grew in.

3. I cannot sleep under a sheet. I can only sleep when there's a fitted sheet and a comforter. 

4. I'm a total morning person. 

5. It wasn't until my iSchool friend FORCED me to learn that I figured out how to work a dishwasher. For 24 years, I lived in the dark, and when the thing malfunctioned in October, I gave it up again. I've used a dishwasher exactly 3 times in my life now. 

6. I've lived in 5 different states. 

7. In high school, my English teacher used to ask me for book recommendations. 

8. I played interscholastic badminton in high school. While I was good at singles, I was a killer doubles player. I had the same partner freshman year all year, and then she quit half way through sophomore year when I got a new partner. My new partner and I stuck it through two years, and we walked away with a few medals. 

9. I was [and to an extent, still am] a troublemaker. In junior high school, a group of friends and I created a website that mocked our junior high and the teachers. It wasn't mean spirited, but instead a total lampoon of the place; it's still talked about to this day! Unfortunately, it was one of those Angelfire websites, so it is long gone.

10. I've overcome about every obstacle possible in terms of statistics. I came from a divorced family and an absent father; I was a first generation college student; and I grew up very poor. I often think about how grateful I am to be where I am today because people took chances on me and because I worked hard despite the odds.

11. I do not have taste receptors for bitterness. 

12. I am not a big fan of chocolate. At all.

13. (Though a lot of people know this, there are still so many people who don't)...I got married in Las Vegas, and I would not change that for the world. Planning took an hour on the phone. I hand made all of my save the dates and invitations, and all of my family and good friends came out. That was the best week of my entire life. 

14. Gambling is the reason I was able to go to college, and whenever people get angry or frustrated at the casino industry, I get very, very frustrated. Casinos put people to work and casinos allow people who would otherwise not have opportunities for education to get it through taxes and scholarships.

15. I used to play flute. When I was in elementary school, it was my DREAM to play french horn. When I got to junior high and started french horn, I HATED it. It was too big, bulky, and the spit valve turned me off something fierce. In 6th grade, I changed to the flute and outplayed those with a year more practice. Then, in high school, I took up tenor saxophone because the fingering was the same as the flute, and they needed a second tenor. I miss playing some days. 

16. I didn't fly for the first time until I was 21. Now, at 24, I've flown more than most people fly in their lifetimes. I LOVE it. 

That's 16, and that's enough for now. I have a post in the works about something very, very cool I did in high school. 
What makes you different or unique? 

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