Thursday, April 9, 2009

How do YOU destress?

Last night, my husband and I finally figured out where we will be in August (or sooner, depending), and after feeling like we had the weight of our shoulders on this decision until he officially hit the "accept" button on the offer, it was like a wave of relief. He event sent me an email this morning saying all he feels now is elation and excitement. We sent an email to some of our closest friends and called our family to share the exciting news.

But in the mean time, we're forgoing a total renovation of the new apartment in Austin. Rather, we're going to finish up the bathroom and look for someone to take over the lease when school comes around again. Saves us time, money, and energy that we can invest in living it up here while we're still living here.

Coming with the move, though, is the utter dislike I have for moving. I hate having stuff and things that clutter up our lives. When we moved to Austin, all of our belongings fit into the back of his car, as well as four or five boxes we mailed down (those things being paper or cloth, not anything fragile or important). When we moved from the small apartment to the one we're in now, we had accumulated so much stuff. It makes sense, though, since much of it was furniture, dishes, towels, and other such household goods we didn't have a reason for in college.

But now comes the knowledge that we'll be moving twice within the next six months, and one of those times will be across country. With that, I'm ready for a full out purge. It's my goal to reduce our stuff by 1/3 right now. Erik works for a Major Donation Place in Austin, and they're running a promotion to collect as much stuff next weekend as possible. I'm going to pitch in and try to donate at least 4 bags of stuff. We don't need it, and we know someone somewhere can benefit from it. Likewise, it reduces our stuff load, making the move easier. Moreover, it reduces our stress because it reduces the stuff that clutters our lives. Simplify, simplify.

Although it sounds daunting, I'm really excited. Cleaning is my ultimate destress. Since we made such an important decision last night, it feels natural to thrive off that energy to do the declutter and purge. Plus, with spring here, it's even more of an impetus -- although, certainly, what I consider "spring" begins in about December in central Texas.

How do you destress? Do you have "stuff" impeding your life? Maybe there's a correlation. 


  1. Congratulations on your big move! We have moved several times, and once cross-country, so I understand your dilemma.

    I'm talking about decluttering this entire month on my blog at and it might help you with the process. So many things we think we need we really don't, and getting rid of the excess allows you more room to enjoy your life. Best of luck with your moves!

  2. This looks AWESOME! I am so glad you commented and shared your blog. I plan on spending quite a bit of time over there :)