Friday, April 3, 2009

Re: Friday

Do you get juvenile at the thought of Friday?
Does your blood pressure drop significantly and your body suddenly drop 50 pounds and your hair and clothes fit and look perfect?

Maybe you suffer from my Friday syndrome.

You know the one.

All week, you hope your hours fly by and all day Friday you sail the high skies knowing that you have a weekend of endless possibilities ahead of you. And it only gets better when someone reminds you of an awesome obligation you have for the weekend of which you've completely forgotten (check!). The feeling is downright J. Alfred Prufrock.

I'm perfectly content with the knowledge it'll either be full of things to do or full of time to relax. But this weekend, oh this weekend, I am so ready!

I love the warm sun, the fresh air found no where else except Austin, the greenery, the breeze. This weekend's about a little Texas BBQ, some live folk music, painting our new place, and the slow, easy pace of the south.
I've always loved my Fridays, but there's something different here than there was in college. Less partying, less drinking.
A slower pace.
I dig it.

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  1. I totally care about your Prufrock allusion.