Friday, April 17, 2009

Excuse this lame [AWESOME] cop out.

I'm not sure I'll get my proper blog out tonight simply because Erik and I are painting over a couple of well-deserved homemade screwdrivers (you know the kind - no orange juice so you make orange crystal light). And since it's national poetry month, I thought I'd leave you with one of my favorite poets with one of my favorite poems. His style is SO different from mine yet it absolutely captives me and makes me want to write this way. The images and pictures are just very, very ... happy. Content. A feeling that while you live as a voyeur, you're really excited to have witnessed.

Couple at Coney Island

It was early one Sunday morning,
So we put on our best rags
And went for a stroll along the boardwalk
Till we came to a kind of palace
With turrets and pennants flying.
It made me think of a wedding cake
In the window of a fancy bakery shop.

I was warm, so I took my jacket off
And put my arm round your waist
And drew you closer to me
While you leaned your head on my shoulder.
Anyone could see we'd made love
The night before and were still giddy on our feet.
We looked naked in our clothes

Staring at the red and white pennants
Whipped by the sea wind.
The rides and shooting galleries
With their ducks marching in line
Still boarded up and padlocked.
No one around yet to take our first dime. 
-- Charles Simic, Night Picnic 2005

[And as a total aside, I'm VERY excited about my BEDA buddies. Hello! :)]


  1. Ummm that is beautiful! I have never heard of this poet but I am going to look him up now for sure. This is Rochelle but my comment will show up from my library blog instead of my ning blog. I am also very excited about BEDA buddies!

  2. Simic is sheer awesome. He is the 15th poet laureate, and all of his stuff is really accessible.

    I also RSS'd your library blog. I'll likely comment on both, if that's cool. Your library blog is along the lines of what I like to read for jobish/library stuff. :)